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Students meet in our art room to complete structured art projects that are designed to demonstrate different art techniques which allow students to explore various forms of media.

The underlying objective of our art program is to show students that the true beauty in God’s creation is given to us in His Holy Scriptures and is evident everywhere when we look for it and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. ~2 Timothy 3:15


We live in the era of technology and most of our kids are more proficient with technology than we are! At NHA we use our time in the computer lab to help reinforce academics that are being taught in the classroom while teaching computer skills that will be used all the way through college and into the workforce. Our preschool students focus on basic computer skills such as maneuvering a mouse while learning that the computer is a valuable tool for learning new and exciting concepts used in all academic subjects.

We begin teaching typing skills and basic computer applications as early as 1st grade. Our middle school students type proficiently and gain computer application skills that are comparable to entry level office professionals, while our Advanced Computer students are completing courses in Basic Graphic Design and Basic Computer Programming.


NHA is fortunate enough to have a Library with books for all ages. Students visit the Library weekly. The younger students have stories read to them. Older students have a chapter book read to them each week. After reading, there is group discussion that encourages comprehension and the development of critical thinking skills.

Younger students learn how to tell who the author and illustrator are as well as identifying the title page and other main parts of a book.The goal for Library is for students to develop a love for learning and reading.


General music education is offered to K5-7th grades at NHA. The elementary grades add basic theory and more instruments, like boom whackers, percussion instruments and recorders. Note reading skills are perfected through competitive games like “Note Speed”. “Primary Prodigies” interactive instrument family recognition games and vocal exercises are used digitally in these grades.

We prepare for programs throughout the year with our children’s choir, including drama opportunities. Our middle school music program focus is on choral singing, percussion rhythms, music appreciation and music theory.

Physical Education

Students at NHA begin having a structured PE class in the early pre-school grades. At the beginning of each class, all students do static stretching and various Ply Metrics to get ready for the day’s activity.

Activities that the students participate in during their Physical Education class include: kicking balls (stationary and moving), playing Four Square (very good for eye-hand coordination), dribbling, passing and shooting basketballs (younger students play with volleyballs instead of basketballs), hitting beach balls (serving over a volleyball net and returning over the net with two hands), running form and rules for racing, various dances (very good for rhythm), various games (basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball), older students learn to serve, pass, spike and block with regular sized volleyballs, all students learn “rules of the game” for all activities.


Private Piano Lessons are offered on a weekly basis during school hours.


Activity description coming soon!


Currently, our students in 3rd-10th grade receive Spanish classes. Passaporte al Español, our elementary curriculum, focuses on letters, phonetic sounds, numbers, colors and shapes through games and songs. As vocabulary skills increase, the elementary students begin to read and write as well as speak in complete sentences.

Comprehension exercises lead to conversational skills. In middle school we use a combination of Risas y Sonris as and Español en Vivo. Our 9th and 10th graders study Spanish 1 & 2 in the Bob Jones University curriculum. Each course is taught with cultural points to give the students a “taste” of the different Hispanic countries of the world.

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